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March into a new era of greener plastic life cycle


The European Union has recently funded a project to transform plastic waste into resources through the development of more sustainable, reusable packaging. The Circ-Pack (plastic packaging value chain recycling economy) launched in May will support the marketization of new packaging and promote its transformation to circular economy.

The plan would create, test and verify the alternative and Recyclable (including Bio based biodegradable or compostable plastic) plastic tray, bottle, coffee pot, capsule, film and tray, and a new multilayer and multi material packaging. The plan also aims to increase recycling rates in the automotive and sanitary sector and increase the number of recycled materials in automotive components, sanitary napkins and diapers.

Circ-Pack held the opening ceremony in Saragossa on May 23rd to 24, at the meeting, from Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland and Turkey's public and private sector and research institutions and non-profit organizations of the participants of the exchange. (Circ-Pack)

By the Spanish energy resources in Saragossa province and Consumer Research Center (Circe) led by 22 partners consortium will conduct three large-scale demonstration activities through ecological innovation, in the face of the object included in the whole value chain actors, including consumers, retailers and suppliers of plastic, converter, and personnel responsible for waste recycling.

The first demonstration will focus on the use of renewable resources rather than fossil materials to produce biodegradable or compostable polyesters with enhanced performance. The second will improve the recyclability of existing hard to recover multilayer and multi material packaging. This will be achieved through intelligent ecological design, these designs will use new materials, so that the product is easier to collect, classify and recycle waste, reduce the impact on the environment. The third demonstration will use the new monitoring system and technology to increase the existing classification and recovery process, improve the recovery rate, and ensure the quality and reliability of the products.

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