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Making method of water softener for dishwasher


Patent name: making method of water softener for dishwasher
Technical field:
The utility model relates to the accessories for dishwasher, which is a water softener for dishwasher.
Background technology:
The existing dishwasher softener the structure shown in Figure 1, figure 2, figure 3, figure 4, which comprises an upper main body 4, a lower body 6, body 4, lower body 6 formed salt cavity 1, resin cavity 2, the binding between the surface is provided with a water channel 11, 12, 13, 11 channel water channel 12, 13, 1, respectively and the salt cavity communicated with the internal cavity of resin 2, corresponding to 1 parts of salt cavity, body 4 are respectively provided with a solenoid valve 9, magnetic switch 10, corresponding to the magnetic switch 10, salt cavity 1 is arranged inside the float, 15 for the installation of the float chamber, 14 for adjusting mounting hole bar. The water softener to soften the water when the electromagnetic valve 9 is not working, channel 13 and 11 partition state, water can be imported 8, channel 11 from the bottom of the 2 resin resin cavity into the cavity (Figure 2 the arrows represent the direction of flow), hard water is passed through the resin from the upper part of resin cavity 2 overflow into the side wall channel 3, channel 3 through the bottom outlet of 5 outflow, so to soften hard water softening process; when combined with hard water calcium and magnesium ions will gradually lose resin, resin softening ability, so we need to revive the regeneration of resin. The resurrection, the solenoid valve 9 is energized to pull, channel 13 and 11 is switched on, the water from the entrance into the 7, through channel 12 part into the salt cavity 1, salt water salt cavity 1 in extrusion, into the channel 13, the other part by adjusting the adjusting rod end of the hole into the conditioning chamber 16 (not the expression of the adjusting rod), the two streams of water in the channel 13 confluence into channel 11, from channel 11 to 2 cavity resin in brine, sodium and calcium and magnesium ion replacement, which makes the resin resurrection. When small amount of salt in the salt cavity 1, the float will sink, and the float is arranged in the electromagnet, the electromagnet and the magnetic switch when the distance between the 10 is very near, between the magnetic and the magnetic switch is turned on, the indication of the display lamp needs salt. Because the magnetic switch 10 is set, the processing cost of the whole water softener is increased.
The content of the invention for the existing dishwasher water softener, the magnetic switch, processing high cost the water softener, the utility model also provides a dishwasher water softener, the processing cost is low.
The technical scheme is that it includes a body and a lower body, the float, the upper body, lower body enclosed cavity, salt resin cavity, the combination of ontology, ontology is a water channel, the water channel and the salt cavity, cavity inside the channel through resin corresponding to the salt cavity, the upper body is provided with an electromagnetic valve, which is characterized in that the float installed in salt cavity end cover structure, the gap between the match, the top end cap structure is a transparent window.
It is further characterized in that the end cover structure comprises a cover, cover, below the transparent window, the float cover and the end cover is fitted, the float float installed in the cover cavity, the gap between the cooperation; the end cover structure comprises an end cover, the lower part of the transparent window. The back rod, a stop rod is sheathed with a float, the non-return between the rod and the float clearance.

After the utility model adopts the structure, due to the direct visual to the position of the float, making it easy to determine whether you need to add salt, so there is no need to install the magnetic switch, the processing cost of the water softener is low, the visual float, convenient and reliable, and the direct use of plastic float as a whole, simple processing, consistent good, high rate of finished products, the processing cost of water softener is further reduced, thereby avoiding the existing dishwasher water softener, the magnetic switch, the shortcomings of high cost of processing.

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